Shown: Black Wickett & Craig 10oz hide, Yellow (Dr. Marten style) linen stitching.  Included copper roller buckle.

The Belt


A belt should be hand made from the finest American 10oz. full grain hide, linen stitched and finished to perfection.  My dad often offered “The Belt” as encouragement to complete a task.  Our 10 oz. belt is a perfect gift for yourself (or someone you know) to secure sagging pants, or children needing similar counseling.  Includes an American made solid copper roller buckle.  Custom hide/stitching colors available.  Once order is received we will contact you for details.

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All items are Saddle stitched by hand using Fil au Chinois - "Lin Cable" Waxed Linen Thread.  Hides are sourced based on color, finish and texture from the following renowned tanneries:

  • Horween (USA)
  • Wickett & Craig (USA)